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Urban Stage of Grand Leaves

Cultural Center Intertwined with Arts

General Information

Project Type
Project location
Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
Gross Built Area
Lead Architect
Yunchao Xu
Design Team
Jiachuan Qi, Hongrui Liu, Kan Gao, Jianxuan Chen, Shengjie Zhang, Zhen Shen, Tianxiong Li,Lulu Chen , Zheng Xu, Kun QianInterior

Shenzhen Urban Culture Investment Co., Ltd.

Photo credits
Atelier Apeiron

Bao'an District has the highest density of industrial workers in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, and public space is very scarce. The project site is a square site, only the south is open to the urban green space, and the other three sides are surrounded by super high-rise residential buildings. It was originally a lively small community sports park. However, the government's new plan is to build a large-scale exhibition space, which could further compress the open public space.


In order to solve this space issue, we cooperated with the government and community organizations in the early stage to conduct a series of demand surveys on urban open public spaces. During the three-month continuous communication process, we gradually formed a more rational and scientific project strategy, that is, to create a set of three-dimensional public spaces as an urban stage for public life, serving the elderly, children, youth and families.


Just like the spatial logic of leaf growth in nature, the entire building is composed of seven huge leaves, which overlap each other spatially and rise up, creating a flowing space that integrates indoors and outdoors. The streamlined design of the blades combines ventilation and line-of-sight analysis to ensure natural ventilation and clear views. In sections, the building gradually rises from south to north, so that the city park on the south side extends naturally into the building through the green roof, providing a huge garden carpet for the surrounding high-rise buildings.


These cantilevered platforms have different themes, which can be varied according to the needs of festivals, celebrations and public events. The original four basketball courts on the site are reserved for overhead space on the ground floor. In addition, we increased indoor sports venues such as U-shaped pools, ice skating rinks, a rock climbing area, and yoga and dance rooms. At the same time, we combine the large-space exhibition hall with theaters to share the central stage, which is turned into a flexible port for public events. In the further design process, we will continue to communicate with community organizations on specific requirements to create customized spaces for different groups of people.